Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Pictures of McKenna because she is so darn cute!

Look i glow in the dark!

She is so cute when she is sleeping!

What are you people doing to me?

the dreaded Billirubin bed!

kisses from mommy

Sleeping with daddy how precious

I love my daddy in case you could not tell by my shirt!

Just hanging out on dad's pillow

I just wanted everyone to see down my throat and up my nose!

She is all face!

she likes to sleep with one arm up and one arm down

she is under there somewhere i promise!

Our happy little family

Getting all cuddly and ready to go home from the hosptial

Cyrus standing in the window at the hospital

I'm not really sure whats going on in this picture but Cyrus looks cute!

He was trying to give her a kiss but i think he got the blanket instead!

McKenna and her cousin Cyrus so cute!

Stop taking my picture!!

So sweet with her big blue eyes!

Just checking out her new world


  1. Aw, so cute! My favorite is the sepia one of you and her :)

  2. So... no new pictures? Why is this?